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At Polo Bay we offer custom upholstery -  contact us  for a free consultation!

At Polo Bay we offer custom upholstery - contact us for a free consultation!

Keeping it fresh!

At Polo Bay you work with professionals on all aspects of your interior design experience. From fixtures, fabrics, accents, flooring, and paint colors. Contact us today for a free consultation!



At Polo Bay Interiors you will meet with a professional that will help you "SPRING" into the hottest finishes for your home. Custom linens, window coverings, bedding, furniture, stone counters, wall colors and wall texture, accent art pieces, custom cabinetry, and flooring. We cover every aspect of a new build or a remodel.

"SPRING" into the hottest looks for your entire home! 


Find out what the hottest hits are for this Fall. Polo Bay has Fall's best trend setting textures, colors, and patterns to dress up your living lifestyle. This Fall be prepared to see Plum or Eggplant coupled with gorgeous saturated Tropical Emerald Greens and Deep Navy Blues! Faux furs are more popular and metals like Brushed Brass will be elegant and exciting to dress up a lamp or table accessory. Moroccan influences with lighting again bringing that Tropical experience to a refreshing Fall collection.

*images are inspirational and not actual works.

Furniture Consultants

After about a year we have decided to change gears and now we have joined forces with local vendors that will recover, refinish and with our specialists advice revise your existing furniture offering a fresh new look to any room. We love the vintage vibe that is so popular these days and with our designers working side by side with our upholstery experts we are able to give more value to your existing furniture. It's a win-win!

Interior Design Trends of 2015'

Article by DAVID A. KEEPS

Mixed Metals 
In London, designer Kelly Hoppen says mixing warm metals, such as copper and rose gold, with cool ones like silver is particularly hot right now. Los Angeles designer Jamie Bush agreed, saying he is no longer interested in matching every metal finish in a single room: “It’s too staged.” New York designer Thom Filicia suggested a “strategic, layered mix” of silvery, gold and black metals as a “riskier and more stylish” option. A great example: Arteriors’s Nolan Pendant, a brass-finished iron light with a dark bronze band.

Moody Indigo 
Several designers are developing a case of the navy blues. Paris-based Stephanie Coutas said dark navy, as a counterpoint to white marble and mother of pearl, is a growing trend in luxury projects in the City of Light. Los Angeles designer Sasha Emerson hailed the color’s versatility: “It plays so well with other colors, such as pink, cream, gray, coral and sage.” Architect Barbara Bestor ’s tried-and-true: Benjamin Moore’s Old Navy mixed with a little black.

Painterly Rugs 
Whether it looks like a Motherwell or a Monet, a rug “that is visually fluid with irregular patterns breaks the grid of rectangular rooms and furniture,” said Mr. Bush. (See examples from Marc Phillips’s collection here.) “They are true art pieces,” said Sydney designer Thomas Hamel, especially those rendered in silk “that shimmer and constantly change color.”

Smoky Glass 
“Clear is so last year,” quipped Mr. May. Instead, Los Angeles designer Kelly Wearstler opts for smoked glass to “strike a tension between raw and refined, masculine and feminine.” That smokiness “adds a sense of mystery and intrigue to an otherwise typical material,” she said. For Mr. Harris, the effect, as seen in Sebastian Scherer’s Isom tables for Neo/Craft, “exudes a sultry 1970s vibe that reminds me of an intimate club that serves really good Manhattans.”

Graphic Tiles 
Thanks to the allure of indoor/outdoor living, colorful concrete tiles (such as these from Amethyst Artisan shown here) continue to move from commercial to home spaces, said Los Angeles designer David John Dick : “It’s a perfect combination of graphic design and interior design.” Sam Allen, a Connecticut designer, views them as a sneaky image-booster. “These unusual ethnic tiles give the appearance that you are well-traveled,” he said.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 3.40.22 PM.png

New Color Trends SPRING / 2015'

Mid-Century Modern and In Harmony

MID-CENTURY MODERN – Mustard yellow and burnt sienna shades of untouched territory and au courant create a lively atmosphere while adding sleek texture to wooden finishes. Light turquoise blue and sea foam green tones amplify elusive shapes.

IN HARMONY – Deep mauve and soft apricot shades of consistent oscillation and balanced equilibrium draw attention to elongated bold lines. Chestnut and dark khaki tones of serene counterbalance and equanimity accentuate suave silhouettes.




For fall, furniture is all about these six hot design trends:

• Glamour
The economic slump brought glamour to the fore with rich materials, sophisticated colors and stunning curves.

• Metallic Leather
This new glimmering leather treatment put a shine on classic furniture shapes.

• Pleats Please
In upholstery, we saw tailored looks and fashion details everywhere.

• Statement Dining Tables
Some of the biggest introductions, literally, were dining tables; many of which had a practical bent despite their size.

• Small Space Solutions
For the pragmatists in the audience, we saw several savvy pieces for small spaces.

• Green and Gorgeous
Green has finally made it to High Point, North Carolina, and you couldn’t turn a corner without receiving a flyer about green design or hearing about the latest, greatest green manufacturing technique.

Happy New Year - Back To Basics

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